Visiting time: Salzburg

I’ve been on the road again over the last few days. I flew from Barcelona up to Austria for a visit with some old friends in and family in St. Anton Am Arlberg. I also paid a quick visit to Salzburg and its surrounds. Last time I visited Salzburg I got rather sick and ended up missing out on much of its charm. This time I managed to get out for a stroll around the old part of town, a beautiful area of town, full of the fabulous baroque architecture that Salzburg is famous for.

Winter time seems like a great time to visit Salzburg. It was under a blanket of snow and there were none of the crowds that the warmer weather in Summer supposedly brings. Just be sure and dress warmly if you choose to visit during the winter months. I also paid a quick visit to a beautiful little town called Fuschl am See. It’s a tiny little place lying at the edge of a lake called the Fuschlsee. Unfortunately during my few hours visiting there was a heavy cloud cover and although this did add to a certain  atmosphere the tops of the surrounding hills or mountains  (not quite sure what the landscape around was like) were not really visible. I certainly enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the area, it would be a fantastic place to unwind and relax.

My time in St. Anton was mainly spent catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for the last few years. Its always nice to sit down with old friends and talk like it was just yesterday when you were last chatting.

The trip was finished off by spending a few hours looking around the buildings of Munich’s airport. Lots of modern architecture to see in and around Munich airport. Munich was also under a blanket of snow. I really want to spend some time visiting a big city and going shooting during a snowfall. It changes the whole feel of the city.

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