Golden Ride Magazine

Golden Ride Magazine

Aline Bock, Golden Ride, Germany

Snowboarder Aline Bock crosses over into the surfing world

I was contacted by a friend of mine, Aline Bock, with the request to do a couple of surfing shots for Golden Ride Magazine while she was down here in Sydney. Aline is a world class snowboarder and Golden Ride were looking to do a story on women who have crossed over and do both surfing and snowboarding. We did the shoot early one morning at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. The waves were packed even at that early hour in the morning but we managed to find a quiet corner and get a fwe shots done. If you have looked through my blog before you might remember Aline’s name from when I shot with her in Austria and did a profile on her which you can find by clicking here

Aline Bock, Golden Ride, Germany

Snowboarder Aline Bock crosses over into the surfing world

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Skateboarding in Austria

Skateboarding in Austria

Patrik Pittl, Kickflip, Innsbruck, Austria

Patrik Pittl, Kickflip, Innsbruck, Austria

What do you do in Austria when there is no snow? Skateboard of course. Well, that is if you are a skateboarder I guess.
Yesterday I was speaking to a friend in Austria who I had done some skateboard shots with and he told me that he hadn’t seen the shots for a while as he had lost his copies. I realised that I had never actually posted many of them here on my website, so I thought I better rectify that.he shots of Patrik Pittl were taken in and around Innsbruck. The other shots are all taken in and around Brixlegg and the Cradle Skatepark.
I also want to say a big thanks to few people who made these shots possible:
Ben Herbert who introduced me to everyone.
Chris Cab for his amazing hospitality
and Flo Smith ( for helping me out in Innsbruck and lending me bits of equipment when I realised I had left mine back in Australia.

See more of my skateboard shots here



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Miranda and Gy

Miranda and Gy

Miranda and GY around St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

Miranda and GY around St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

Just had 10 lovely days in St. Anton am Arlberg. Beautiful weather for the most part which was great except it had been so nice for so long the the snow was rubbish. There wasn’t really much of an option for shooting action sports there. I didn’t even end up buying a pass or going up any lifts.

I did manage to meet up with a lovely couple Miranda and Gy who were hoping to have a portrait session there. They wanted a selection of photographs to show at their wedding later in the year and had an interesting idea of  Doing a shoot in a simple wedding dress and suit but with the snowboard boots on as well. Sounded like  fun shoot. Below are a selection of the shots.

All were done with one Speedlight and my new Bowens reflective umbrella set up off camera on a Manfrotto travel stand and using Elinchrome Skyport triggers. The umbrella gives off a much nicer light for these shots than the harsh light of a bare speedlight.


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Visiting time: Salzburg

Visiting time: Salzburg

I’ve been on the road again over the last few days. I flew from Barcelona up to Austria for a visit with some old friends in and family in St. Anton Am Arlberg. I also paid a quick visit to Salzburg and its surrounds. Last time I visited Salzburg I got rather sick and ended up missing out on much of its charm. This time I managed to get out for a stroll around the old part of town, a beautiful area of town, full of the fabulous baroque architecture that Salzburg is famous for.

Winter time seems like a great time to visit Salzburg. It was under a blanket of snow and there were none of the crowds that the warmer weather in Summer supposedly brings. Just be sure and dress warmly if you choose to visit during the winter months. I also paid a quick visit to a beautiful little town called Fuschl am See. It’s a tiny little place lying at the edge of a lake called the Fuschlsee. Unfortunately during my few hours visiting there was a heavy cloud cover and although this did add to a certain  atmosphere the tops of the surrounding hills or mountains  (not quite sure what the landscape around was like) were not really visible. I certainly enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the area, it would be a fantastic place to unwind and relax.

My time in St. Anton was mainly spent catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for the last few years. Its always nice to sit down with old friends and talk like it was just yesterday when you were last chatting.

The trip was finished off by spending a few hours looking around the buildings of Munich’s airport. Lots of modern architecture to see in and around Munich airport. Munich was also under a blanket of snow. I really want to spend some time visiting a big city and going shooting during a snowfall. It changes the whole feel of the city.

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Candide Thovex, Skiing Magazine, Germany.

Candide Thovex, Skiing Magazine, Germany.

A new image in Germany’s Skiing magazine. The shot is of Candide Thovex, taken while skiing around the Rendl side of St. Anton in Austria. The rest of the mountain was a complete whiteout and even down below the tree line the light was very flat, but such good snow. This is a secret little location tucked away in amongst a few trees. When the visibility is poor you need to head to the trees for some definition and contrast.

Skiing Magazine, Germany

A shot of Candide Thovex for Skiing Magazine, Germany

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Aline Bock: Snowboard

Aline Bock: Snowboard

The winter season of 2008/2009 saw German snowboarder Aline Bock make her entrance into the Womens Snowboard leg of the Freeride World Tour. Her smooth and easy going style led her 2nd overall in the 2009 season. This season she is looking to step it up a notch and take the top spot……so long as it is all in the name of fun.

Aline Bock

Aline Bock, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.



Home Mountain:

Roxy, Völkl, Deeluxe, Ortovox

Favourite board:
The new Völkl Freeride Freestyle Board – Eco Cashew 157

Favourite spot:

What other sports are you into?
Surfing (Longboarding)

You are surfing regularly in summer these days. Is this something that you are looking to pursue further or something that something that is just for yourself?
I would love to compete in a Longboard competition soon and see if I can perform well….
That would be so much fun, I think… But I will take my time for that as I really try to never become last

Aline surfing at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Aline surfing at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

How did you first get involved in snowboarding?
My whole family (one sister and one brother) were somehow always into sports. My parents were ski instructors in former times, so we always went to the mountains to go skiing, biking, hiking  etc…
When I was 12, my dad bought me, my sister and my brother a snowboard for Christmas…we were all really excited…… I started snowboarding two years later (1997) and I loved it….!!! I always went snowboarding with the guys from my hometown Überlingen – unfortunately there were no other girls who wanted to hit some kickers. But I did not care, I was addicted and loved riding with the guys!!!
Since then snowboarding is a big part of my life (13 years now), a passion, a hobby, a job….
I  started with freestyle halfpipe competitions when i was 15 years old and changed to slopestyle some years later. It has always been fun to travel to different places and parks to meet other riders, to compete, take photos or film etc., but there was and is nothing better than a powder day with friends at home .
I never heard a lot about freeriding competitions  until I entered my first Freeride World Qualifier in Austria/Montafon 2 seasons ago. It was just too much fun riding some nice faces in perfect conditions. The fact that you can express yourself and your riding style being creative with choosing a line took my full attention. So here I am now, being a rider of the Freeride World Tour trying to integrate my  freestyle background in my runs. It went really good so I ended up 2nd at the overall Freeride World Tour ranking.

Aline Bock, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.

Aline Bock, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.

Do you think your freestyle background helped you on the Freeride World Tour?
I definitely think it helped me a lot as I love to jump off some cliffs and do tricks. My goal is to integrate more freestyle tricks in my runs in the future. In Sochi/Russia I just focused on some jumps in my run and I think it was the reason that I have won. So I keep on riding with the passion for some freestyle. I hope it will work out.

Aline Bock, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.

Aline Bock, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.

Will you be going on the tour again this year?
YES, that´s the plan for now

Any plans to compete in any freestyle or halfpipe contests again?
I think it is almost impossible to do both, as I have a really tight schedule with the tour. But I am totally fine with that, as a freeride competition is also a freestyle competition for me. -As long as I try to integrate some tricks in my runs.

What’s your Favourite Country?
As I haven’t discovered the world yet, I cannot tell…But I really like Portugal as I have spent some time there just now. I actually love the ocean and the beach, it motivates me a lot and gives me energy that I need to refill after a long season.
A country with a wonderful beach, no tourists and great waves gains definitely more points

My family and my friends…

The ocean and some waves, the first snow in October and my friends who cannot wait to go riding again in Autumn… It also motivates a lot if I see some big fat snowflakes coming down on my face…

Plans for the future:
My future plans are competing at all Freeride World Tour Stops again. Plus there is an ALL GIRLS extreme sports movie planned. Fingers cross that we can make it happen.

Aline Bock, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.

Aline Bock, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.

Best Moment:
My parents surprised me at the Verbier Extreme -The final World Tour Stop – last year. I had tears in my eyes when I saw them… It was a great feeling to get their support!

Worst Moment:
Every injury is a really bad moment in my sports career!

Last Words:
Don´t take it too serious, it’s just snowboarding

Click here to see more photographs of Aline Bock

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