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Arrawarra and whales

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High above the whales

One day I will get both in the photo, a whale and a highliner. Twice now I have had the chance but I have either been at the wrong angle or lost in the moment watching the whales jumping below.

I spent Saturday sitting on the edge of the sea cliffs around Sydney again watching whales making their way back to Antartica while highliners strolled across the 220m highline high above them

Until this weekend I have never seen anyone cross a highline with a blindfold on as I saw Gabriel do on the 220m one. It has led to a couple of discussions as to whether it might actually be easier as it lets you focus better and remove the distractions around you such as the whopping big height underneath or is it more difficult as it would be more disorientating as there are no points of focus. I’ll check with Gabriel and get back to you

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Coondoo 2019

Sometimes I stop and reflect on how lucky I am when I do what I do for a living. I get to wander around NSW taking photos of things I love to shoot in places that are gorgeous and with a crew that is just fantastic. The weekend just gone was one of those times.

It was a weekend down in Jervis Bay to shoot the Rocky Trail Shimano Gp on the Coondoo MTB trails. It was a big turnout of almost 300 people for these trails. They are really nice and flowy without being overly technical. You get levels of riders at these races from beginners to advanced to some of Australia’s best and even world champions. The atmosphere is always fun. In short, they are a real pleasure to shoot it more like taking a few photos with your friends on the trails than anything else. Here’s a link to the full gallery

That doesn’t mean we don’t put in some solid hours both taking the photos and getting everything up and out the door as quick as we can after the race. Gil and I are both certainly much better at things these days though and we sat there among great company and watched the Tour de France while we worked.

On Sunday I drove out to Point Perpendicular. Although I had been to Jervis Bay before I had never been out here. The last time there was a bushfire burning on the peninsula so we were all evacuated. It’s a beautiful spot and so deserves a much better look around. I know it is a big climbing area and had hoped to get some shots of people climbing on the sea cliffs. I think a combination of tardiness on my behalf (finishing the race photos in the morning) and a bit of rain meant there wasn’t anyone on the cliffs, at least not that I could see. I will definitely be returning there asap with someone to shoot some climbing though.

Even just the coastal landscapes and wildlife are great though Whales off the coast, seals in the water below and eagles overhead. Definitely worth a week or so of camping and exploring the area. And I am still to get to the southern section of the bay…….maybe 2 weeks camping then

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Jolly Nose Superflow Champs

One of our furthest events is the race at Jolly Nose near Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast. This is the second year we have had a race on these trails but this year it was the Superflow Championships.

The Jolly nose tracks are great. Everyone who rides them seems to love them. I heard some call them the best trails on the Superflow Circuit last year. I would certainly have loved to spend some more time up that way but the day before I had Maximum Adventure’s Raffertys Coastal Run on at Cams Wharf near Newcastle and had to scoot back down come Monday. Oh well, next time

The Superflow images can be found here

And Raffertys Coastal Run images can be found here

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A trip to the mountains

The Blue Mountains near Sydney always make for an interesting trip and a great way to escape the bustle of city life. There are some great little corners and hidden pathways and it seems like everyone who heads up love going on adventures.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new 16-35mm wide angle lens with the intention of taking more landscape photography again. I also pulled my 360 panoramic tripod head out of retirement and took it up with me. It was a bit of a rush job setting it up and it certainly needs a bit of fine tuning but they seem to go well together.

I also noticed the Autumn colours starting to kick in so I might just have to make another trip up to the Blue Mountains get some of those lovely oranges and yellow hues maybe even another 360-image or 2

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The Willo ’19

The Willo ’19

The Southern Highlands, home of wombats, numerous antique stores and the Willo Enduro. This year around 500 came to race. It has three different lengths of 1, 2 or 3 laps.

It’s always a fun race to shoot. It tends to be fast and furious on the first lap with each lap getting a little bit quieter until it is just a slow trickle coming through. There are some beautiful native forests to shoot in. Being part of an active state forest it tends to also have sections that are logged occasionally meaning from year to year the track may vary slightly.

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