Patrik Pittl, Kickflip, Innsbruck, Austria

Skateboarding in Austria

Patrik Pittl, Kickflip, Innsbruck, Austria

Patrik Pittl, Kickflip, Innsbruck, Austria

What do you do in Austria when there is no snow? Skateboard of course. Well, that is if you are a skateboarder I guess.
Yesterday I was speaking to a friend in Austria who I had done some skateboard shots with and he told me that he hadn’t seen the shots for a while as he had lost his copies. I realised that I had never actually posted many of them here on my website, so I thought I better rectify that.he shots of Patrik Pittl were taken in and around Innsbruck. The other shots are all taken in and around Brixlegg and the Cradle Skatepark.
I also want to say a big thanks to few people who made these shots possible:
Ben Herbert who introduced me to everyone.
Chris Cab for his amazing hospitality
and Flo Smith ( for helping me out in Innsbruck and lending me bits of equipment when I realised I had left mine back in Australia.

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Nice work Rich, as ever!
When’s the next stop in NZ?

Thanks Linda. Not sure. I’m presently thinking about moving back to Europe for a couple of years. Might try and squeeze a quick visit in before I go though. Would like to shoot some mountain biking around your way.

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