Shimano GP and Pub2Pub

Last weekend was a busy one. Saturday saw me out all day at the Australian Botanical Gardens shooting Rocky Trail’s Shimano Mountain Bike Race and Sunday I was closer to home shooting the Pub2Pub here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

The Shimano MTB race was a great event. I teamed up with talented photographer Gilbert Romane of GiroPhotos so we could capture as much of the action as possible. The race was based on a circuit with each lap taking about 30 mins and was a choice of either a 4 hour race or a 7 hour race. The winner was the one who completed the most circuits in that period of time. Gilbert covered the start while I moved off up the track and set up for the first group of competitors to come through. After that we moved between different spots where we thought would capture the action best. I think between us we took around 2500 shots. We decided to pool the photos together to make it simpler for all the competitors to find all there photos all in one place rather than having to search between two different websites. If you were a competitor be sure to go over there and search for your number and check out the shots we got of you. If you weren’t a competitor your very welcome to go over and check out some of the action from the day.

Sunday’s race was local and I was shooting on behalf of Marathon Photos. Marathon photos cover numerous events and races all around the world. The photos from the day can be found over on their website though there is no way for me to isolate my shots to show you.

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Gilbert Romane

Richard great post and you are very generous with your comments. Love the photo of Troy from Rockstar Racing, image Shimano1229. That location and set of rocks could not have been captured in a better composition, again love how you leave little foreground elements to frame up a picture. Great work. Gil.

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