Candide Thovex, Skiing Magazine, Germany.

Candide Thovex, Skiing Magazine, Germany.

A new image in Germany’s Skiing magazine. The shot is of Candide Thovex, taken while skiing around the Rendl side of St. Anton in Austria. The rest of the mountain was a complete whiteout and even down below the tree line the light was very flat, but such good snow. This is a secret little location tucked away in amongst a few trees. When the visibility is poor you need to head to the trees for some definition and contrast.

Skiing Magazine, Germany

A shot of Candide Thovex for Skiing Magazine, Germany

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Matthieu Perez: Snowboarder

Matthieu Perez: Snowboarder

French snowboarder Matthieu Perez has been living and working his way around the European Alps all his life. Originally from a small town in the Pyrenees he now finds himself based in the snow sure region of Tirol in the Austrian Alps.

Matthieu Perez,

Date of Birth:
Somewhen in the mid 70’s


Home Mountain:
Pyrénées forever. Insane landscape and technical terrain

Arson, Deeluxe, Arva, Shred optics, Pipolaki

Favourite board:
Capita Charly Slasher 164 aka the « Shovel » Best board in powder, it is surfing with a skate control, IT IS A MACHINE. So far the best powder board I ever rode.

Matthieu Perez , St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria

Matthieu Perez , St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria

Favourite spot:
Domaine du Tourmalet, Pyrénées, France

How did you get involved in snowboarding?
I was a skier for many years, was skateboarding, my friends were snowboarding, I jumped on train and never left the path.

Plans for the future:
Being happy and make my life an artwork.

Favourite Country:
Planet earth

My parents have been a source since the first day. My family showed me the community side of life, life showed me the rest. My grandpa was a ski pioneer in the Pyrenees and is still the reference for me. Snowboardwise, AK pioneers, Johan Olofsson and my riding partners played an essential role in growing my passion every day.

I like bad weather, low pressure brings me exultation and fills up my expectations.

Matthieu Perez, Powder turn on the ridge, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria

Matthieu Perez, Powder turn on the ridge, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria

Best Moment:
Every morning when the sun rises.

Worst Moment:
Every morning I go to work.

Matthieu Perez , St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria

Matthieu Perez , St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria

Last Words:
Big up to the people who supports me, protect mother nature, enjoy the journey.

Click here for Matthieu Perez’s photographic gallery

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O’Neill Big Mountain Pro

O’Neill Big Mountain Pro

It has been an interesting week here in St. Anton.

  The start of the week saw the O’Neill Big Mountain Pro come through town.  The contest takes 6 of the worlds best snowboarders, Jeremy Jones, Mitch Toelderer, Xavier de la Rue, Fredrik Evensen, Thomas Eberharter, Eric Themel and 6 of the worlds best skiers, Cody Townsend, Loris Falquet, Thomas Diet, Richard Permin, Jeremie Heitz, Arnaud Rougier and puts them to work on various faces throughout the Alps for prize purse of US$60,000. The interesting thing about this contest is the fact the it is a movable contest and travels to wherever the snow may be and the conditions are best. This year the contest travelled between St. Anton and Saalbach further to the east.

I managed to catch the first run in St. Christoph. The face that the organisers chose had some good conditions though I would consider it to be an unusual choice for a competition with the words big mountain in the title. The face is around 100m vertical. Short though it may be the face provided numerous drops and hucks for the riders to hit and some good snow.

The contest has moved off towards the East where they have found some nice powder. I have heard that they may be returning here for another session this week which will be great as we have just had some fresh snow. Hopefully I shall get another chance to shoot with these talented riders.

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Ad for Icelantic Skis

Ad for Icelantic Skis

A new advert for Icelantic Skis  has gone into the German Magazine Skiing. It is a full page ad using a photo of British skier Sam O’Keeffe jumping an icefall in Zürs, Austria.

Icelantic Skis, Austria

Sam O’Keeffe taking a drop for Icelantic Skis in Zurs, Austria

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Ski Guide St. Anton Am Arlberg

Ski Guide St. Anton Am Arlberg

The new ski-guide book concerning skiing off-piste in the Arlberg region of the Austrian Alps about to come out. One of my photos, featuring Danish skier Peter Isaksson, is on the cover and there are a few more scattered throughout on the pages inside as well.

Written by a local ski guide Andy Thurner, the book includes 47 ski touring routes with 66 different descents found around the Arlberg region. All the routes are easy access and can be reached without any special ski touring equipment though avalanche safety equipment is always a must. If you are planning on a ski trip and hoping to experience some of the wonderful off-piste skiing that the Arlberg has to offer then this book is for you. If you are new to skiing off-piste or wish to venture further out there can be no substitute for using an experienced guide.

The book will be on sale in Austria, Germany and Sweden. Copies of the book can also be purchased directly from Andy by contacting him at



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