A Right Royal Adventure Race

Last weekend saw 2 days of adventure racing through the Royal National Park in Sydney’s South East. The event sports a variety of disciplines that sees athletes mountain biking, trail running, orienteering and kayaking through some of the parks fabulous scenery.

This was round 3 of Paddy Pallin‘s Adventure Series. The first one for the series was Cam’s Wharf near Newcastle then it went up to Queensland for round 2 and later in the year the 4th and final round will be in Glenbrook in the lower Blue Mountains.

Both days started off chilly down by the edge of the Hacking river but as the sun broke through things warmed up a bit. Sunday was a fantastic day for racing and being out and about. Saturday remained a bit cloudy but was fantastic light for photography with the clouds creating a one big soft box effect.

Here’s a few highlights from the race below.

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