Fly Fishing, Australia

Fly Fishing in the Central West

Fly Fishing, Australia

Fly fishing in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia

 As I have been spending more time of late in the mountains I decided to embark upon a new project. I was looking for something that incorporates the beautiful landscapes found around mountainous regions as well as something that will attract the type of people passionate about what they do. Fly-fishers fit the bill perfectly.

 After a recommendation from a fly-fisher I met on the Kangaroo River I approached Josh Hutchins of Aussie Fly-Fisher. Josh has made a name for himself on both Facebook and Instagram with his fly fishing exploits. As Josh comes from the Central West region of NSW he knows the rivers and streams out there intimately and always knows where the fish are biting. He has recently started guiding out that way so if you are thinking of heading in that direction and want to know where its all happening be sure and look him up.

 Josh is a bit taller than me but seems to have much longer steps.  I seemed to be almost running along behind him when he decided to change locations. Far from being a nice relaxing day as I had expected it became quite energetic day for me as I trotted along beside him from spot to spot. Most locations shut down over winter but last weekend heralded the start of a new season. I’m looking forward to getting back out there and shooting some more real soon. Better get my fitness up first.

You can see more images from the shoots here on my website

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