Coastal Classic Trail Run

A couple of weekends ago, after a previous delay due to heavy rain, the trails of the Royal National Park played host to Maximum Adventure’s Coastal Classic trail run. Around 750 people strode out from Otford under the blue skies and set off for Bundeena. The event is quite big on the Sydney trail running calendar. It draws in everyone from the serious racer who covers the 29km course in just under 2.5hrs to social striders taking their time and making a day of it.

Being such a big event and a Point A to Point B style event rather than a continuous loop we decided to field a team of photographers to make sure we caught all the action. In total, there was 6 of us spread out along the course. Gil and I had scouted the course previously wanting to get something different from the previous years but still get a good variety of shots. We selected our locations carefully placed our team at some of the most idyllic and different settings we could find.

Although not one of the longest courses, the Coastal Classic trail run does provide a great challenge.  You are constantly going up and over the headlands, along challenging singletrack and running through soft s

and. What makes it really special though is its stunning views along the coast with its steep dramatic headlands and beautiful beaches and its all just a stones throw (granted a particularily big throw) from the city. From afternoon location that I shot I had the pleasure of watching pod after pod of whales frolicking in the ocean on their way heading south again.

A big congratulations to all who competed on the day. If you haven’t seen your results yet you can find them over on the Maximum Adventure website here. Here’s a couple of my shots from the day.