Skateboarding in Austria

Skateboarding in Austria

Patrik Pittl, Kickflip, Innsbruck, Austria

Patrik Pittl, Kickflip, Innsbruck, Austria

What do you do in Austria when there is no snow? Skateboard of course. Well, that is if you are a skateboarder I guess.
Yesterday I was speaking to a friend in Austria who I had done some skateboard shots with and he told me that he hadn’t seen the shots for a while as he had lost his copies. I realised that I had never actually posted many of them here on my website, so I thought I better rectify that.he shots of Patrik Pittl were taken in and around Innsbruck. The other shots are all taken in and around Brixlegg and the Cradle Skatepark.
I also want to say a big thanks to few people who made these shots possible:
Ben Herbert who introduced me to everyone.
Chris Cab for his amazing hospitality
and Flo Smith ( for helping me out in Innsbruck and lending me bits of equipment when I realised I had left mine back in Australia.

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Skateboarding in Tarragona

Skateboarding in Tarragona

I got to hang out in Spain and shoot skateboarding in Tarragona, Spain with a few of Tarragona’s local skaters over Summer. We just cruised around the city me conversing in my broken spanish and they in the broken english. It was still a lot of fun and great to see some of the local spots that Tarragona has to offer.

We spent our days exploring around the harbour front and the old city hitting some of their favourite spots and looking for some new ones to add to their list. We went as far out as Salou to an old abandoned mansion that had a pool overlooking the Mediterranean. 

My thanks to Valen, Frankie, Ceasar and the others for letting me shoot with them and their patience with my terrible spanish.

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Chris Cab: Skateboard

Chris Cab: Skateboard

Chris Cab is a character with a lot of personality. His open and easy going attitude reflects in his skate style. With his hometown boasting one of the best skateparks in Europe, The Cradle, his roots are dug firmly into old school, skating mainly bowls and vert. Now things are moving for him in a slightly different direction with the release of a his own designed skateboard and the beginnings of his new company, Wasted Youth Skateboards.


Chris Cab

Date of Birth:

23rd of January 1982


Austrian / South African


Alpbach Valley / Brixen


VANS, Wasted Youth Skateboards, Skullcandy, Electric & X-Double Shop

Favourite board:

Wasted Youth Splatter Plank

Favourite spot:

Washington Street & The Cradle

Website: (currently under maintenance)

Other sports do you participate in?

What are “Sports”?

How did you get involved in skateboarding?

Skateboarding got hold of me, when I was around 10… 😉

What motivates you to skate:

The inner drive, the hunger to skate every day, feel the pain, dedication and passion. Those are the things that motivate me…

Who or what are your influences:

Dogs, Wife, Parents, Wasted Youth Crew, Thrasher, too many to name…

You have just released your own skateboard. How did this come about?

I was tired of begging for boards at Black Label, so I asked my homie Adi from the XDouble Shop in Innsbruck, if he was down to do a shop model with my shape and my design ideas… He was down and they sell very well… I am stoked for I am riding exactly what I want!

Austria is better known for its skiers and snowboarders. What is it like for skating?

We have the 1st cradle in the World, one of the best parks in Europe if not the best! Since Dreamland poured  ‘crete in Tirol, there have been bowls and pools popping out left and right in Austria. So I think it is pretty cool if you down with transitions. Street skate wise, I have no clue, gotta ask someone else.

Favourite trick at the moment:

Favourite trick, must be the invert but all time it will be the frontside rock….

Best Moment:

You gotta be kiddin’ me… Waaaaaay too many to count!!! But surely every time I learn a new trick or ride out something big… 😉

Worst Moment:

Same, same but different. But again, surely every time I get hurt badly…

Plans for the future:

Get my skateboard sales from my company ”Wasted Youth” up and running so I can travel again, but real plans…… none. Taking it day by day. The only thing I know, is that my wife and I will be moving into a little farmhouse by the woods, where I can finally build my own concrete wonderland and live a happy life…

Last Words or anything you would like to add:

Rollerblading sucks, Skateboarding is everything, Viva lá WASTED YOUTH!!!

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Local Skate Session

Local Skate Session


Had a chance to link up with some local skaters this week. Good to be shooting some action again. There is only so many sunrises I can shoot.  Need a bit of refining still to get to the stage where I am happy with the shots of urban sports, not quite the same as having the magnificent mountain panoramas in the background. Hopefully will be shooting a lot more with them and some others over the coming weeks. In fact….time to head out right now and see who is out and about. My thanks goes to Olly West and Boarders skate shop in Brookvale for helping me line up the shoots.


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Night Sessions

Night Sessions

Being a bit short of mountains here in Sydney I have had to find myself another sport to shoot other than skiing and snowboarding. I figured that I should stick to something that is close to my heart, skateboarding.

I met a group of guys who are setting up floodlights around there favourite bowls and skating them at night. Here’s a couple of shots of the action.

Nick Glen
Adrian Adrian
Adrian Glen
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