Nick Hayter, Skier

British born Nick Hayter is an all-rounder on skis. He is unafraid to step up to the steep technical lines and big drops but it is his smooth fluid style that sets him apart from his British peers.

Nick Hayter St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.

Nick Hayter coming off the top, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria.

Date of Birth:
05 / 07 / 79


Home Mountain:
St. Anton Am Arlberg

Scott, Sweet Protection

Favourite skis:
The Scott Stunt

Nick Hayter, Stuben am Arlberg, Austria

Nick Hayter entering the steep terrain off the back of Stuben.

How did you get involved in skiing?
I started skiing when I was 2 on family holidays to Switzerland. I didn’t have much say in it but have loved it ever since. I am very happy my parents got me into skiing though I am not sure that they are so happy about it anymore.

Anyone who skis better than me or those who have been successful and made this lifestyle work for them

Plans for the future:
In the future I want to be able to ski more technically difficult terrain, stay safe, have fun and enter more competitions

Nick Hayter, St Anton Am Arlberg, Austria

Nick Hayter launches off the backside of Rendl near St. Anton A.A.

I’m not sure what motivates me really. I guess I just love being up early and getting to ski all day with my friends. Always seems like the right thing to be doing.

Favourite spot:
A secret spot in the Arlberg, Austria.

Nick Hayter, St. Christoph Am Arlberg, Austria

Nick Hayter, St. Christoh Am Arlberg, Austria

Favourite country:
Switzerland is my favourite country because it’s where I have my earliest ski memories

Best moment:
It would have to be the days that you are not so sure about. Like the days when you think it has only snowed a little bit and you end up finding a proper little powder stash.

Nick Hayter leaping in Bachsiete in St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austri

Nick Hayter, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria

Worst moment:
Avalanches or injures. Both make me ask questions about the sport

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