The Cannonball, Thredbo, Australia

The Cannonball in Thredbo is a new race on the circuit. Its a weekend event that is held on the flow track and also on the downhill course. I made the trip down there with Gil my colleague from OuterImage though we were not covering it in any official capacity. The night we arrived in the mountains it snowed and everything was covered in a beautiful blanket of white. Instead of hurrying to Thredbo for the race Gil and I took our time moving through the mountains and shooting landscapes while we had this unique chance. Gil stopped for a bit of fly fishing and I used the time to snap off a few frames of him which I shall share with you at a later date.

It was great to be back in the mountains. Riding up and down the lift and taking in all the scenery. And then to combine it all with the chance to shoot such a cool race, bliss!!