Dust storm, fire, earthquakes and a #1 world ranking

Dust storm, fire, earthquakes and a #1 world ranking

What a weird time it has been here of late in Australia. In the last 24hrs the Australia has experienced a massive dust storm, bushfires, 2 earthquakes, hail the size of cricket balls, a windstorm and a tornado. Not only that but just last week Australia ranked as world number one as worlds worst polluter per person. Dust storm blowing through the streets of Dee Why

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The city lights illuminates Sydney's Circular Quay  So here I am back in Australia. Well, I have actually been back here for a while now. Its been an interesting trip back home despite the fact that I haven’t really gone anywhere since I have been back. Its been raining a lot since I have been back this year which is great. If there was ever a country that actually needs rain it is Australia. The water reservoirs have been sitting on low for many years now and that country has been under constant water restrictions. The recent rainfall has bolstered the water supply a little. However if there was ever a country that suffers from mismanagement of its water supplies it has to be Australia. As soon as the level of the dams had risen slightly so too were the water restrictions eased.  The levels in the dams were dangerously low, to the point where some of the capital cities  had less than a years supply of drinking water left. The people here have become so used to living under water restrictions that surely it makes sense to leave the restrictions in place until the water levels have risen to a safe and comfortable point and there can be no danger in the immediate future.  Trees sit exposed by the low water levels in the Hume Dam brought on by years of drought.  Snowy Mountains, Australia.Above you can see a photo from the Hume Dam situated in the Snowy Mountain region. The trees that you see were a sunken forest covered by water when they built the dam and now exposed by the drought.

One thing I do love about being in Sydney is the easy access to its surrounding waterways and the natural beauty. It seems that you never have far to travel in order to get away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle. To the west you have the Blue Mountains, to the south the Royal National Park and in the North is Pittwater and Ku-ring-ai Chase National park. Even closer within 10-15kms you have spots such as Middle Head, North Head and Garigal National Park. Its something I find that a lot of the great cities in Europe lack. I guess that’s the trade off for not having all the castles and great cathedrals like The European cities have. Curl Curl Headland, Sydney, Australia

I have been tossing around a lot of ideas and making a lot of plans for future although nothing is definite yet. I am hoping to get a quick visit in to New Zealand while I am here. Its somewhere that I have always wanted to go but just never seem to get there. My circumstances might dictate that I have to actually get there this year which will be great even if it is only for a few days.

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Benjamin Herbert, Snowboarder

Benjamin Herbert, Snowboarder

Ben Herbert, Sonnenkopf, Austria.

Ben Herbert, powder turn, Sonnenkopf, Austria.

Australian born Ben Herbert is a dedicated board rider. Whether its on the big peaks of Alaska or the pounding surf of the Mexican pipeline in Puerto Escondido he is always pushing himself to go bigger and better. His travels in search of adventures have taken him all over the world but it is the Austrian town of Innsbruck that he has come to call home.

Date of Birth:

Australian with an EU passport

Ben Herbert, Langen, Austria

Ben Herbert tearing through the trees near Langen Am Arlberg,Austria.

Home Mountain:
I live in Innsbruck and have the Regio card which offers access to a number of great mountains. Arlberg has been home for many years, as well as the Zillertal, so as a home mountain goes I have a huge backyard. Let’s just say Tyrol.

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Favourite board:
I love the never summer boards, they are so responsive and reliable. I’d say my 163 wide is my allrounder,and 168,or the rounded pin 172 for the deep powder days or the steep long lines.

Favourite spot:
Favourite spot is hard to answer. Anywhere in steep waist deep powder with friends around.

Ben Herbert, Sonnenkopf, Austria.

Ben Herbert tracking the untracked, Sonnenkopf, Austria.

How did you get involved in snowboarding?
I was living in Colorado in a place called A-Basin and it was freeriders playground. I was skiing at the time. I had a friend come from Australia and convince me to try the board and, well, never really looked back. After the season I then went to Europe and worked in St Anton, also a freeriders heaven, and fell in love with snowboarding.

Favourite Country:
When I’m not here in the mountains I’m always thinking of surfing somewhere warm and exotic ,the last years were spent in sumatra and .phillipines ,i enjoy the ocean very much,diving ,spear fishing ,and surfing .also in the mtns .biking ,climbing and rafting.

I’ve been inspired by many great people from all corners of the globe; Chris McAlpine, Russell Holt, Brodox, Steve Trainor, Jeremy Jones, Tom Burt, Nicolas Muller, Alaskan Heli-skiing Company, Cats Trading, Tommy Brunner(RIP) and my awesome girlfriend Chistl.

Ben Herbert, Langen, Austria

Ben Herbert tearing through the trees near Langen Am Arlberg,Austria.

I get highly motivated when planning trips for each year. I love to travel and to combine this with the love of snowboarding is only a bonus.

Best Moment:
Too many to try to describe. Dropping into my first line in Alaska was exhilarating and words cannot express it. Everyday in the powder with friends are some of the best days of my life. Being on the mountain and sharing these awesome experiences with friends is priceless……cheers .

Worst Moment:
Injuries have and will always be a pain in the ass. I had a friend who broke his back many years ago. I was first on the scene and it was heavy. After two operations he was told by doctors he would not walk again,although the operation was successful. After 15 months he was walking again and after a few years was back on the board and surfing. For sure one of the worst moments I’ve experienced but with a happy ending.

Last Words:
I’ve enjoyed being in the mountains most with motivated people with the same interests and willing to push the limits,its been a pleasure. Thanks.

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