Shimano GP Round 2: James Estate

Last weekend was the wonderful James Estate Winery leg of the Shimano GP series. This race is completely different for us as part of its course runs through the vineyards and vats of the winery. It’s also a chance for one of us to go up in an ultralight and see and shoot the race from above. This year I was the lucky one and the flight was fantastic.

The James Estate winery is located in the Hunter Valley to the north of Sydney and is one of Australia’s premier wine producing regions. Luckily it doesn’t seem to share the same weather systems as Sydney though as it rained all weekend in Sydney while we were treated to some glorious weather.

Numbers were down slightly in this race but this was to be expected with the UCI World Cup taking place up in Cairns. This year for the event all the goings on were moved to the campsite area keeeping it all nice and central.

The track runs out to a single track on the edge of the Wollemi National Park. It zig zags around there before making its way back into the vineyard and up and round through the vines. Last year I covered the single track and Gil took the vineyard so this year we decided to swap around.  Finding numerous various shots in a vineyard is harder than I had expected.

It was another great event put on by Rocky Trail and one of our favourites on the circuit.