Rocky Trail Entertainment's Shimano Gp, Round 1 at Awaba

Shimano GP, Round 1, Awaba

And it’s on again. After previously being rain delayed the first round of Rocky Trail Entertainment’s Shimano Gp got underway at Awaba last weekend. Rain had threatened with delaying the race again but the weather cleared up and although there was a couple of puddles the majority of the track had dried sufficiently beforehand. I headed up again with Gil to shoot for our project, OuterImage.

It was a great day with a few clouds around which kept the heat down. The clouds make it great for photography as the contrast levels are right down and we are able to control the lighting much easier. ¬†Awaba is one of those great track where you can walk 50m and find a new angle with some great shots. I covered the final section of the track while Gil headed off to cover the start and middle section. To mix it up and give it a new feel Rocky Trail decided to run the course in reverse to what it would normally be. As far as photography goes this basically means it’s a whole new track for us to shoot as everything becomes different.

There was quite a few familiar faces out on the course but also plenty of fresh ones. In the end it was Andrew Lloyd who took the honours in the male elite category 7hr and Kirby Knowles in the Female Elite 7hrs.