Shimano MTB GP, Awaba, 2015

Shimano GP at Awaba

A couple of weeks ago, back when it wasn’t raining, I was up at Awaba with Outer Image shooting round 2 of the Shimano GP. Awaba for me is a funny track. I have shot there quite a few times but never seem to remember the locations or the layout of the track. I think that is mainly because I have only shot close to base camp before. This time for a change I decided to head out a bit further and just follow the track back in. I found a lot of cool locations, all rainforest type stuff. I did struggle a bit balancing the light out as it was just so dark in some of the locations and the sky when it came through the trees was so very bright. I found my self looking for shots where the sky wouldn’t show.

Love the track though and love the event. It’s another track on my list of places to visit outside of a race meet. I have also been told that I need to go up and shoot the downhill track as I have not yet had the chance to do so. The list is growing.