Gravity Enduro Round 2: Del Rio


Hot, dusty and mosquitoes is how I will remember last weekend’s Rollercoaster at Del Rio but also lots of fun. I said it before and I’ll say it again, dusty conditions may not make for the best of riding but they do make for good photographs.

Del Rio is out north west of Sydney near the town of Wiseman’s Ferry. Every time I go out there temperatures seem to be pushing up towards the 40C mark and this weekend was no exception. The hot conditions meant I was perspiring then sitting next to the track meant I got covered in dust.

It was quite a technical course in sections and I certainly saw a lot of people go down for a bit of a taste of the dirt. Thankfully all those that I saw jumped straight back up and rode off again.

The Rollercoaster series is probably my favourite to shoot at the moment as it is fast paced and challenging plus it offers riders a great range of courses. And with such a range means that we get to photograph a great range of obstacles.