Dance, dance, dance!!!

It used to be all about the landscapes for me but these days it seems to be mostly about shooting people in motion, be that people on bikes, running, surfing etc. Dance is fantastic for that, in fact, it should really be called the art of motion (it probably is but I just on’t know about it).

I put a call out for a dancer as iI wanted to play around with some ideas that I had in my head. I was put in contact with the wonderful Pippa Ravencroft. Although I have shot some urban street dancing before, I have never shot any contemporary type of dance before so wasn’t exactly sure of the motions and names of the movements. Pippa was patient while I tried to explain to her what I was and then was able to do those movements but also suggest more that might suit better.

We were only shooting for I think an hour but I learnt so much in that hour alone. I definitely want to get back out there again soon and shoot some more dancing as soon as I can. I have so many thoughts and ideas in my head that really need to get out.