Australian Gravity Enduro Rnd. 1: Glenworth Valley

A new track and a new race circuit. Gil and I were there to cover it all under the guise of OuterImage.

The Australian Gravity Enduro Series kicked off the season with it’s inaugural race at Glenworth Valley one misty morning. The Gravity Enduro is a combination race of technical downhill and rolling single track enduro sections. Gil took the top half of the track, taking the bus up and walking down while I started at the bottom and headed up. Gil’s walk took him through scrubland along the rolling track where competitors had to pedal hard to keep their speed up. Whilst my walk took me through mosquito infested forests and up what was the downhill section. This technical section of track, tight, rocky and steep, got the better of many competitors throwing them from their bikes and although there was a few who had to pull out of the race the injuries were minimal. I have never seen so many mosquitoes as I saw there and despite splashing on the Aeroguard I still got destroyed. Note to self: Next time I have to shoot there pack a chameleon or some other mosquito eating creature in the bag.

Elite male was dominated by Victorian Dan MacMunn while the Elite Female fell to Sydneysider Genevieve McKew.

The series continues next in Victoria before heading out to South Australia, across to Western Australia, back his way to Stromlo in the ACT  before finishing up later in the year at Cairns in the Queensland. Definitely something to watch out for when it comes your way.

If you are interested in riding this track at Glenworth Valley you will have to wait until the Rollercoaster event hits it later in the year as it will be closed between now and then.