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Graeme Mudd: Downhill MTB

Graeme Mudd: Downhill MTB

Last weekend I went up to Awaba and shot with the Australian downhill rider Graeme Mudd. Graeme has just joined the Atherton Race Team, who make up the Trek Factory downhill race team, and he needed a portfolio update. As part of Graeme’s inclusion into the Atherton Racing Team he has picked up a whole bunch of new sponsors and new kit so the images were to include as much of the new kit and logos in the shots as possible.

Part of the reason I went to Awaba a couple of weeks ago for the Nationals was to scout a few locations for this shoot. If you look through both galleries you will certainly see some matching locations. The great thing was we had cloudy weather on both days which kept the light nice and even through the shots. The red and white kit stands out great against the greens and browns of the surrounding landscape. 

If you are in need of getting a portfolio update like Graeme or if you would just like a collection of great shots of you in action drop me a note and lets work out what best suits you and your needs.

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Harrison Dobrowolski: Enduro MTB

Harrison Dobrowolski: Enduro MTB

I went up to the Blue Mountains and met up with Harrison Dobrowolski, one of the young guns on the Australian Enduro circuit. Harrison has been ripping it up on the tracks and walking away with the goods in the races. This last year he took out the Under 17’s Superflow Enduro series winning it outright. More recently, he stepped it up with his first foray into the Elite category for the Superflow Enduro Championships at Ourimbah and finished up on the podium again. Definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming years.

I met Harrison at his place in Katoomba and he showed me around one of his favourite trails in the  mountains, No Friends near Mt Victoria. It’s a great flowy little trail with some really cool features. It would be quite a challenging trail in the wet as it runs down a small waterfall and along a steep slope under a prominent rock-band.

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Aiden Varley: Downhill MTB

Aiden Varley: Downhill MTB

I had a bit of a shoot with downhill mountain biker Aiden Varley after the Thule B24 a couple of weeks ago. We cruised around the hills of Bright, checked out a few different spots and tried out a couple of different ideas that I had floating around in my head. Unfortunately Aiden’s downhill rig was out of action so we shot with more of a lean towards enduro. Also, after shooting for almost 24hrs out of the previous 36 I was more than a bit shattered and vacant-headed. It sort of made those ideas of mine a bit blurry. Never the less we still got a few shots.

We did a short shoot on the new Hero track which is looking amazing. Its has some great views around the top section before ducking down into the pine forests. Then we headed to a simple little trail called Sycamores which led through a beautiful little stand of, yes you guessed it, Sycamores. Next time we meet hopefully he will be back on his big DH rig and I shall be a bit more on-point and focussed.

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Matt Staggs: Downhill Mountain-biker

Matt Staggs: Downhill Mountain-biker

As a junior Matt has been leaving his mark in Rocky Trail Entertainments Redass downhill series. At the age of 14 he was shooting above his age by racing in the Under 17’s and consistently finished in the top 10. Now 15 he is setting his sights on bigger targets.

Matt Staggs

How long have you been racing for?
I started racing at the start of this year. Did about 4 club rounds and then competed in my first state round at Del Rio in June. So less than a year

Who are your sponsors?
VR Transportation/No Nice Racing, Deity Components. (Also although not a sponsor a big thanks goes to POC Australia for helping fitting Matt out in this shoot)

Matt Staggs, Australia

What’s bike do you ride?
I ride a giant glory. Almost bone stock, except for a new rear wheel which was wrecked in the rain.

What is it about riding that fires you up?
I love downhill riding because the adrenaline rush you get when you try something new or bigger than you have ever done before and get it really clean is amazing. That feeling is the best. Also the fun of riding and chilling out on the local track with mates if fun and relaxed.

Matt Staggs, Australia

Favourite tracks?
Lithgow – Loose dry dust is so fun. Awaba – Difficult in the rain but get the adrenaline pumping which is exciting. Warrimoo – My home track has to be, it’s where i started and is the reason I am where I am now, Thanks Marty (The builder)

If you could ride anywhere where would it be?
Most people would say Whistler Bike Park. I would ride anywhere that has a good technical track to test and grow your skills. If that place has good mates to hang out with while riding, that’s where my place would be.

Matt Staggs, Australia

Home trails?
Warrimoo, St. Ives. A lot of work has gone into the trail, keeping it maintained. The builder, Marty, deserves everything for the amount of time and effort he puts into keeping the track running and fighting the council to keep it from being bulldozed. Every single time I ride there he is there either fixing, making a new feature, or maintaining the track. I always offer to help but he never takes up my offer, or anyone’s for that matter. He deserves way, way more credit for the amazing trails he has created. Thanks Marty!

Matt Staggs, Australia

Tell us a bit about your competition results?
State Rounds – DelRio – 10th U17, Ourimbah 9th U17. Lithgow State Champs – 9th U17. Awaba – DNS.

What plans does the future have for you?
I really want my life to revolve around riding. Anything to do with riding I will be happy with. But my main goal is to actually be a riding at the elite level. I am working everyday to try and make myself fitter, stronger and faster. Aiming for that goal is going to be a long and hard journey but I am willing to take it if it will get me where I want.

Matt Staggs, Australia

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Shorty Gilyeat – Mountain Bike Freerider

Shorty Gilyeat – Mountain Bike Freerider

Shorty Gilyeat, Backflip, Greenvalleys, Australia

Shorty Gilyeat, Backflip, Greenvalleys, Australia

Shorty Gilyeat likes to ride his bike…. a lot.  His enthusiasm shows on all levels, whether it is pushing those he is riding with to go a bit harder and a bit bigger to helping organise Australia’s upcoming freeride festival Xup. If he is not on his bike he will quite often be on the end of a shovel building up new jumps to hit.

Nationality: Australian Mate !!

Home jumps: Greenvalleys Freeride Park

Sponsors: NSbikesCo, EnemyOne, Rhythm Imports, Push Bike Factory

Facebook page: Shorty

Shorty Gilyeat, Mountain Bike Freerider

Shorty Gilyeat, Mountain Bike Freerider

Favourite bike: My very first little blue 12”  BMX bike when I got when I was 3 and I owned till I was about 12 before my mum threw in the dump truck before I could fix it. My favourite bike these days though is definitely my NSbikes Majesty, set up with all NS parts its my choice of bike for sure.

Favourite spot: Greenvalleys Freeride Park because I have the freedom to do what i want there.

How did you first get involved with bikes?   My dad raced motorcycles, my older brother always rode motocross bikes and they have been my major influences in my life so riding two wheels has always been in the blood for me. After growing up racing go-karts at a high level I felt it just wasn’t enough so I ended up grabbing my old rusted up BMX bike. Luckily enough for me my good mates at that point in my life were the Scar brothers who were heavily into racing BMX so I just tagged along with them where they went. After their influence I’m pretty much at the level I’m at right now with MTB freeride, so yeah good times.

What’s your plans for the future?  My plans for the future are all bike related, I’d love to do well in the 2013 FMB tour and keep that going if its possible. At this moment I’m heavily involved with creating events here in Australia alongside a good mate of mine. Our intentions with these events are to not only progress the sport but to show off  all Aussie riders and get them international exposure. Many Aussies unfortunately can’t afford to do that for themselves, so for me my main focus now is to give any possibilities to my fellow Aussie riders the dream that I really wished I could live.

Shorty Gilyeat, Greenvalleys, Australia

Shorty Gilyeat, Greenvalleys, Australia

Who or what influences your riding? Ok, I have 3 people that have a major influence on me. Although we don’t see too much of him these days on a bike, my main influence will always have to be Carey Hart. For those that don’t know what Carey did, he pulled the first backflip in contest on a motocross bike. After I saw that I was convinced that the possibilities in whatever you’re into really are endless. Andreu Lacondeguy is another major influence, this guy has also shown the endless possibilities in progression by creating massive jumps in his backyard and has pulling some ridiculous stuff off on them. And last but never forgotten the late Dane Searls, Dane will always be a massive influence towards my riding, Dane was a big hitter who had a dream to just go big and then bigger and bigger again while pulling the usual insane tricks on those big jumps. I met Dane once and his personality was as awesome as his his riding, So when I grow up I want a piece of those 3 guys in my style.

Shorty Gilyeat, Double Seat Grab Superman, Greenvalleys, Australia

Shorty Gilyeat, Double Seat Grab Superman, Greenvalleys, Australia

Who or what motivates you to keep riding? The people around me definitely. I’m stoked because I’ve got a young up and coming rider as a good mate and who I always ride with, the crazy kid himself Jack Baker. I met this kid after he begged me to come ride his jumps because I was someone he looked up too, now every time we ride together I’m in awe and I truly do look up to him and his ability to ride a bike, so his progression is definitely my motivation.

Best Moment: My first bike related flight interstate, booking my flight at midnight knowing I had a family BBQ with my girlfriend the next day, and completely not telling her i was in a totally different state till just before my very first run at the demo I went to.

Worst Moment:  Having my foot explode out of the ankle socket and completely face the opposite way where the sole of my foot was facing my upwards  but to have no physical breaks nor ligament damage show in any x-ray or MRI scan till 5 weeks after it happened.

Tell me something quickly about Xup, Australia’s new freeride festival: Xup festival is going to be one hell of a sick time. We have created something for everyone, so even if your just turning up to watch bring your bike as there will definitely be something you can ride at our event. At the top end there’s big name riders already signed up and with our huge jumps, the level of riding will be insane……Check it out here

Any last Words: Seriously, no matter what you choose to do in life, follow that dream and get it done. Life can be cruel at times but if you live it right you will be stoked on the memories that you can sit back and enjoy when your old



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Athlete Profile: Chris Cab

Athlete Profile: Chris Cab

Chris Cab is a character with a lot of personality. His open and easy going attitude reflects in his skate style. With his hometown boasting one of the best skateparks in Europe, The Cradle, his roots are dug firmly into old school, skating mainly bowls and vert. Now things are moving for him in a slightly different direction with the release of a his own designed skateboard and the beginnings of his new company, Wasted Youth Skateboards.


Chris Cab

Date of Birth:

23rd of January 1982


Austrian / South African


Alpbach Valley / Brixen


VANS, Wasted Youth Skateboards, Skullcandy, Electric & X-Double Shop

Favourite board:

Wasted Youth Splatter Plank

Favourite spot:

Washington Street & The Cradle

Website: (currently under maintenance)

Other sports do you participate in?

What are “Sports”?

How did you get involved in skateboarding?

Skateboarding got hold of me, when I was around 10… 😉

What motivates you to skate:

The inner drive, the hunger to skate every day, feel the pain, dedication and passion. Those are the things that motivate me…

Who or what are your influences:

Dogs, Wife, Parents, Wasted Youth Crew, Thrasher, too many to name…

You have just released your own skateboard. How did this come about?

I was tired of begging for boards at Black Label, so I asked my homie Adi from the XDouble Shop in Innsbruck, if he was down to do a shop model with my shape and my design ideas… He was down and they sell very well… I am stoked for I am riding exactly what I want!

Austria is better known for its skiers and snowboarders. What is it like for skating?

We have the 1st cradle in the World, one of the best parks in Europe if not the best! Since Dreamland poured  ‘crete in Tirol, there have been bowls and pools popping out left and right in Austria. So I think it is pretty cool if you down with transitions. Street skate wise, I have no clue, gotta ask someone else.

Favourite trick at the moment:

Favourite trick, must be the invert but all time it will be the frontside rock….

Best Moment:

You gotta be kiddin’ me… Waaaaaay too many to count!!! But surely every time I learn a new trick or ride out something big… 😉

Worst Moment:

Same, same but different. But again, surely every time I get hurt badly…

Plans for the future:

Get my skateboard sales from my company ”Wasted Youth” up and running so I can travel again, but real plans…… none. Taking it day by day. The only thing I know, is that my wife and I will be moving into a little farmhouse by the woods, where I can finally build my own concrete wonderland and live a happy life…

Last Words or anything you would like to add:

Rollerblading sucks, Skateboarding is everything, Viva lá WASTED YOUTH!!!

See more skateboarding shots here

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