Ryugi Crew, Sydney, Australia

Ryugi Crew

 I had the chance to shoot with some of Sydney’s finest bboys and a bgirl recently, the Ryugi Crew. I had been wanting to organise another dance shoot for a while but things were just getting away from me and personal shoots had to be put on the backburner.

  I chatted with Josh Knox who got in contact with me after i shot with the Cyber Crew. Josh has his finger on the pulse of the Sydney dance scene and got a small crew together for a shoot in the back streets of Sydney. They knew a great graffitied street so we used that as the backdrop.

  I enjoy shooting dance and the dancers are amazing to watch. It’s similar in shooting style to free-runnning in that it is very acrobatic and obviously has deep urban roots. Hoping to expand my dance work more soon and shoot other forms of dance as well. Things are in the pipeline so keep an eye out


Posted by Richard

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